Healthy Ageing Premium Pack

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This pack aims to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and help in combating some of the most common health problems associated with ageing. As you grow older, your body’s nutritional needs become more and more important, being tied directly to your quality of life and resilience to illness and degenerative disease.

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The healthy ageing pack supports all the needs of the body to support you and ensure that your ageing process is as smooth and gentle as possible. Whether you’re an athlete with an eye to the future or an average Joe looking to stay in shape and experience a better quality of life, this pack is the place to start.

This package contains a wide variety of products that combat the risk of illness – primarily common cancers and degenerative diseases – whilst improving muscle quality and trimming the fat. This means reduced risk of heart problems, joint degradation, immobility or frailty, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and many others. These supplements are all specially-formulated to ensure that your body composition, athletic performance, and long-term health are catered for.

Who can benefit from this product?

If you intend to age well and stay in the best shape of your life for as long as possible, then you can benefit from this product. We all have to confront ageing eventually and a pro-active attitude – investing in your future health – is the best way to ensure that your golden years really are filled with activity and vigor. Take action now, get ahead of the curve and make sure that you’re in the best shape of your life – the healthy ageing premium pack is an ideal investment for yourself.

Main benefits and effects

  • Shakes improve muscle quality, size, strength, and contribute to weight loss
  • Metabolic and digestive support products combat common health issues
  • Ionix supreme improves energy balance, mental performance, and overall health
  • Snacks provide a healthy alternative to common junk foods, whilst combating cravings
  • Replenish and essentials provide hydration and essential nutrients for optimal performance and health
  • Blender and instruction booklet make diet and performance simple and easy

FAQ’s about the Healthy Ageing Premium Pack

What does it do?

The healthy ageing premium pack is intended as the first step towards a long-term healthy ageing nutrition plan, with a mixture of products that aim at long-term health and physical performance.

How can this benefit my performance?

The ingredients in this package improve health across a wide variety of bodily systems, giving you the necessary nutrients to boost your body’s natural processes and keep yourself youthful for longer. This means less fat, more muscle, better joints, a hardier heart and reduced illness risk.

Is this product safe and legal?

This package is totally safe and legal: no Isagenix products contain controlled or controversial ingredients, and individual allergy advice is available here.


If you want to spend your golden years adventuring, experiencing life and living out your dreams, the healthy ageing pack is the essential nutritional companion to your lifestyle. This is a complete package.


4 IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean Pro
2 Cleanse for Life
1 Ionix Supreme
1 Cleanse Support Bundle
1 Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis
1 Healthy Ageing System Guide
1 IsaBlender™ Blending Vessels
1 $50 Event Voucher


Healthy Ageing Premium Pack Contains all Gluten-Free Products

Please note: IsaLean Pro, Isalean Shake, Isalean Shake Dairy-Free are all Gluten-free Products.

For more Information see Isagenix-allergen-table-NZ


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